Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Knitting Gnome is coming

This is my 97th post. I've been thinking about doing something special for the 100th post and decided I'll post the pattern for my knitting gnome. He's been with me since the early 80s. He's quick and easy and helps protect your knitting. He's about 7" tall so uses VERY little yarn.

I finished a couple baby items. The two hats are basic hats with add ons. The ears are pretty much just short toes of socks knit and sewn on. The eyes and nose of the teddy bear were just knitting some shapes and sewing on. The foster Mom of the preemie requested a hat in Winnie the pooh color - Hope she'll like the little hat.

Winnie the Hat & Teddy Hat

I also got the hooded sweater done but need to sew in the zipper. I get a picture up once get the zip put in. I also finished the first smoochy sock and started the second.

OH- one last thing. Saturday on our local talk show they had Kiki and the suthor of a new book, Kiki's Hats. Kiki is an older lady who knits hats and gives them away but, she'll give someone a hat and then give them a second one with the task of giving it away to someone else. It's a children's book and look very well done.

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Lorraine said...

Such charming hats! And the gnome is so much fun. I can't wait for the pattern.

I'll have to hunt for Kiki's Hats. Sounds like a great "pay it forward" kind of book.